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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  January 8, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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. a man is hit and killed trying to cross this busy street in san francisco, it is the latest in a series of deadly accidents and we will have how on how city leaders are planning to help safety. and the weather that is gripping most of the country has turned deadly, we will have more on when temperatures will get better and how traffic is affected as well. and the flu, what let agencies are advising everybody to do, complete bay agents are fitting better. we are live in san francisco this morning where there are concerns as another pedestrian is hit and killed on the streets of san francisco and this as mayor ed lee
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talking about making pedestrian safety a priority in priority, and we are talking about the recent incidents and what will be done to make things safer. it is january 8th 8th. >> you think? >> thank you pam anatase and roads can get slick here, and clouds are showing 50s in san jose, 52 in livermore, novato 47, so much, much warmer, we will have a weak system to the north and clouds for us, partly sunny skies, very hazy after that morning fog and drizzle and some of that will be burning off and highs very low
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50s or 60s. we have a couple of problemmed spots and first we will look at the bay brent and it is looking good as want to drive and there is a problem at the exit and they are clearing a crash, traffic is busier than normal and i would advice 280 as an alternate root, let's -- route, let's go back to the desk. we have another term deadly accident and from city hall, the man was trying to run
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across. >> if a performance enhancing drugs january text being. they are taking action to improve safety. >> reporter: just since new year's eve three people have been killed and the latest accident was just about 6:00 last night. police say a 38-year-old man darted out into traffic and was struck by a honda setted dan. -- sedan. a woman was behind the wheel police believe the victim have been involved with with an argument on the sidewalk and he was trying to cross in the middle of the block. the person had attempted to cross a couple of times, went back on the sidewalk and made it to the center median, when trying to go to the other part
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was struck in the far right hand lane. >> last and that's a 6 year high for this city. and two accidents also hit and killed. at last night's meeting, dealing with this trend is a priority and some are already calling it stepped up enforcement in the troubled spots and this issue will remain front and center here in san francisco and that will be a job mission to improve pedestrian safety. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. police will tell us important new information about the killing last summer about a
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young man from emoryville. i was arrive willing home whens weigh driving and a man in the other car shot and killed him. tailed police will release a photo of that other car hoping that will lead to an arrest and we don't know how police obtained that photo. also this morning, the alliance academy will hold a campus memorial for lee weathersby. he was shot and killed after going to the boys and girls club on new year'see. he was walking home when a darker car. police are -- police are investigate. and two years ago, an unfor guestable mass -- under
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forgettable mass shooting left several people dead and wounded. including congresswoman gabrielle giffords. bells will ring and they will have several ceremonies. they will spend the day privately and with other survivessers of an attack and after countless hours, they are pushing for new gun control laws. and they are starting to build up, almost 2 dozen deaths have been blamed on our winter blast. more than half the area several people have been killed or
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injured because of hype point thermia and a man died in georgia. a former class mad and freezing temperatures may be the reason a man died. his body was found near a highway overpass. they believe he tried to last overnight but colder conditions. and a teen took off his wet gloves only 15 minutes. >> he came home, his gloves were wet and he decided to walk home without his gloves. >> now this freezingp weather is desk result willing and reports of the of. 96 and hopkins including
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fso, flights to chicago, cleveland and baltimore and now while forecasters are saying the deep freeze will ease up, one area is buffalo, new york and in fact large churnings of ice -- chunks of ice have been seen in the river and that's causing flooding concerns and since sunday ktvu channel 2 morning news. not omahas it grounded flights. 'miles per hour, and frigid temperatures caused a laboratory pipe to burst and sent water into the cabin. passengers were taken off the plane for a couple of hours as mechanics repaired the damage. there was a similar problem at ronald reagan international airport. a baggage area in united
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airlines, crews had to shut off the area and mop up and it did not disrupt operations at the airport. another bay area resident has died and it is the third death, and the latest? >> a woman in contra costa, they were from all immediate much -- all meet do. >> -- in other areas. and they are trying to lay off 58 workers by saturday. the job cuts affect both part and full-time workers. sutter says the cuts are needed to return their business to health but nurses are saying eliminating jobs now does not make sense. >> as we he have more coming in
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during this time they are trying to layed off. >> and they are not giving any information on which jobs are being ill eliminated. new cars are rolling into the convention center today. the 2014 silicone valley opens and it features cars lamborghini and they can even test drive some of the models including the chevy volt and runs through sunday and there is a new gender law to get that issue on the ballot and what is needed to make that happen. an a fact here is part of a
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he violent trend. right now as you get to the bay bridge toll plaza looks like we will tell you what the backup looks like. we are talking about fog in january and even some drizzle out there which may make it tough on driving and we'll see if there is any rain in your forecast.
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. welcome back. pulling in los gatos are trying to figure out if a woman was part of a random trend after being punched in the face. live in los gatos, here is more on what police are saying about it this morning. >> reporter: police say since this happened they have increased patrols in this area. it happened in the strip mall in between a dance studio and next door to a pizza part lore. -- parlor. on monday afternoon, a woman was walking when a man approached her and punched her in the face. she fell to the ground and was treated by emergency workers called to the scene. the suspect ran towards hardwood and the assault appeared to be random but it sounds similar to a recent dangerous trend which is referred to as the knock out game where they try to punch
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unsuspecting people. these incidents have been happening throughout the country and they don't know was somebody taking part here? not yet. they move he has a slender build, he has short brown hair, bluejeans and a white baseball cap backwards and police have searched the area for surveillance video and they are didding anybody with any information on this case, perhaps any video if you have any to give police a call and they are looking for any tips or leads in this case. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. 6:15 there will be a bail hearing next week.
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investigators sailed them he had set chinese consulate on fire because of all of the voices he had been hearing in his head in chinese. and they are making the buildings codes a top priority. they are making sure buildings in san francisco are really safe and they are looking at safety of measures for buildings under construction and some of the supervisors feel some of the cuts at city hall are coming at the expense of safety. they decided to run ads, pushing who health healthcare coverage and they have a focus on young adults at >> accord together the -- diet and i never heard about it either. the diet is based around eating
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fresh ingredients, red meat and salt. and it includes the mediterranean diet and the pail yes diet which is based on meat and vegetables and heart health. >> i have been on it for years. >> it is working. >> yeah, right. >> let's dash on over to sal. you are watching this? >> and we are a full squad. let's see if i could get those in there. let's look at what we have now. by the way with everyone being back to full squad mode, that is your office, everybody is back from say case, coming up
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to the bay brim and by next week and at the very least, we don't have any crashes and that was lifted. if you are trying to get across to the san mateo, that looks good headed out to the high- rise. no problems on 101 and 280 and 101 looking great as you head up the highway to 17 and we are off to a decent start sal, the warriors are very hot. we have a lot of high clouds to the north. and no and richard son, san bruno and san jose, some pockets cloudy skies, some down on the deck, a few reports of reduced visibility, a weak front to the north is enhancing
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some of the that low cloud deck, partly sunny skies and once this low cloud deck burns off, we will have hazy sunshine. 50s on the load for many. this is what we have seen for a long, long time and i know it is getting that warmth and it is good where pockets of rain keeps going and going and that blowing snow can stack up big time. obviously there is some missing data here. you probably are saying steve there is not very many temperatures out there, i know that. partly sunny skies and partly cloudy skies, fog and drizzle. upper 50s and really very low
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60s, clear lake 50, and knock 60s, and it doesn't matter really coast bay, menlo park, and san bruno and saturday after that, sunday we clear it out and we are looking warmer. there is a new food section, it is one of the latest by yahoo to keep people on their sites longer. there is a lot of food trends, cooking tools and recipes and it is easy to read on devices and there it is a shortage as
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the area comes through, craft said the shortage should last only a few weeks. a thief who targets gym lockers, coming up, we will tell you why we are stern this case is getting -- certain this case is getting the attention of the mayor. they could declare a drought emergency next month, how likely is san francisco to start rationing water. january 25th to -- don't miss it. >> how do get great deals and lean cuisine entrees are just 2 dollars each. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
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former venezuela monica spears, the two were shot in what police were calling an attempted carjacking. their daughter was shot in the leg and some of the suspects are under the age of 18. there is an ironic twist, anthony sea burt, he was killed in the back country and he founded that world famous resort and he was found with three other people who were hurt and and he is spented to survive. cracks in the ice allowed a russian research ship where he
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had been stranded for two weeks. he had to be evacuated pie helicopter and that helicopter had to be from an area which also got stuck as well. they could declare a state drought next month in california. they have an official declaration right after the february 1st snow survey. the announcement would clear up some red tape and set up a water bank and set under water transfers. and local reservoirs like crystal springs make up the water supply and right now it may consider rationing and other options -- options. >> we are looking not only for
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a june year drought and make making sure our supply lasts. it allows reservoirs to release water to the delta and that concerns environmentalists, that officials could eventually issue water mandatory because of really dry conditions. the county board of supervisors says wells and streams have grades up. the towns, we are worried they will run out. and during the 40s and 50s and 60s, there is a newest to save them we were once a
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fixture. and now a campaign is underway to raise money to find homes for them and even give them a face-lift. ktvu channel 2 morning news uncovers bizarre disturbing information about a death in the hospital. >> when they found her they were laughing about it. it is outrageous. coming up, what we learned from newly obtained documents. and police have learned about it even during that time and we will tell you how how it is doing and we will tell you about a new problem just up the area on the freeway. a lot of the reports coming in on glenn park and grenada and a half moon bay and we'll
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see how it plays into your forecast today.
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. remember film days? >> yes, i do. >> kodak used to make film, they are known for their film and they had to change and they are now changing their image, bismarck kits, packaging, this graphics, they are ringing the bell celebrating and it is more of a fit week and that is know noah's bagels. and we will talking about the nasdaq and we will get you more information. >> i am hung grip now. >> -- hung grip now.
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we will get you the information and wednesday january 8th, i am dave clark. >> steve paulson has a little fog and that's all we have right now. morning fog drizzle, lots of reports coming in and you can always tweet me, clouds sunday, and it looks sunny and warmer and drizzle. san bruno, san jose, a weak system to the north and temperatures are up, up, up, and mainly lower 40s and some 50s, fso, it is really mild and this system will sweep in keeping some of that drizzle going and partly sunny skies after the fog begins to burn off, hazy conditions, upper 50s
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and lower 60s, here is more. west pound 4 4:00, that person got out and that car event now fully engulfed and it will be seen at highway 4 in this area and so if you drive there, please give yourself extra time and as you drive down to richmond, highway 80 and highway 4 is a good area to avoid if you can. right now the bay bridge is backed hundred for a 50 manipulate delay and it is about photograph minutes as you drive all the way fun to san francisco. what led to last night's
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deadly pedestrian accident. a man was killed while walking right across the street near city hall. alex savage has more about the growing concern about pedestrian safety. >> reporter: dave good morning. 2013 was a deadly year here in san francisco with a surge in crashes and this the reason to eve. three people hit and killed by cars right near grove street and this is across the from city hall. a 38-year-old man stopped and cooperated with investigators. just before the crash, they say the victim was involved with somebody when he was in an argument and he was trying to
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cross in the middle of the block. police don't believe the driver in this case did anything wrong. >> based on what we have so far, the pedestrian went out of the crosswalk and that seemed to it be the primary factor in this collision. >> reporter: pedestrian defendants, 20 people were killed across the the city, and at last night's board of supervisors' meeting they said dealing with this troubling trend needs to be dealt with and some are calling for stepped up enforcement and other measures to be put in place and it will remain a critical issue and next week they will remain with the police commission and for everybody wanting to make the
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place safer. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. and it is a new program aimed at addressing one of the city's biggest concerns. live in vallejo, looking at operation safe net. i want to a stress him and he is just one person who lives in vallejo who knows what a crime is like because guess what, fled his vehicle stolen and he is waiting for officers to come deal with and things that playing. and they are hoping they got something to stop that. in the first 18 hours they have seen significant results. i want to show you video we shot this morning of hogan
6:36 am
middle school. they got a call last week about burglaries at that school and a burglary in progress. officers responded to that and they arrested 12 people and that's just 13 hours and 99 citations work. here is how it works, they are working over time. there is a stafferring shortage and on -- operation. it is considered of overtime detail and it does consistent of a supervisor and the hope is to get regular officers and make them more noticeable so they will be out in force. and they are hoping to stop the
6:37 am
spear of crime. the chief is saying quote, our citizens have a right to be safe and a right to feel safe. we did talk with jim connection womaning wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. and police are raising disturbing new questioning fquestions about lynn small's body is rarely used and they had delays and confusion from the very beginning. the sheriff's department says there are concern which may have directed the search. >> they literally did not tip the search because they were
6:38 am
not doing that and they described the woman as an african-american and lynn spaulding was a 57-year-old white female. police say a thief is targeting lockers at one gym in daily city. tara moriarty found out they are getting the direct attention at the city leak in. and it is something testimony to keep an eye on. this is where police say a man seen in this surveillance used a one day work out thrapple pass to gainp entry to this locker room. he broke in and stole cash and jewelry and we am opened this
6:39 am
area and does not use that normally. >> please folks, when you go to the gym make sure your belongings are safe whether it means having a lock on your locker or keeping them at home. to those who sort of muscular build, and tattoos on the back of his neck. if you have any information, contact dahly city police and he could be responsible for break-ins in the area at other gyms. dennis rodman lashed out about his basketball diplomacy career. >> i am tell you, look at him,
6:40 am
look at him periods. >> why when he made criticism about a wheat american. >> he was randomly tar getted and we will tell you what police are -- she was randomly targeted and what police are saying about the response. there are some notable spots where it is not so good as far as your commute and we will tell you what is out there. we have a summer-like pattern in january but how will this impact your temperatures.
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. welcome back. police in los gatos is trying to find out about a woman who was hurt and police joining now from the random attack and what police are saying about it. >> reporter: a lot of people are referring to this attack as being part of what is known as the knock out game. this is a dangerous trend which is happening across the country where unsuspecting people are punched out. police do not know if that is the case here put what they do know is a woman was walk willing in this strip mall near this dance studio when she was
6:44 am
couldn't franked. on monday afternoon, a woman was on blossom hill road when a man approached her and punched her in the face. she fell to the ground and was treated by emergency workers and witnesses saw the suspect running away and they say the assault appears to be random. they say it is found similar to the criminal upon non-mom where they -- phenomena where they punch unsuspecting people out. police are wondering if this is the case here. >> if somebody knows who did it, i would love to know who it was. >> upsetting for the city? >> big time, there is not much that happens. and it isup -- unusual because
6:45 am
it is considered a safe community. they have not ruled that knock out phenomena because they don't have enough information to substantiate it. they describe him as a slender build with a white t- shirt and white baseball cap backwards. they are asking for anybody who might have captured video or any information on this to give them a call. reporting live, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 645, critics to hand in signatures and put that ballot back on the issue. they are allowing transgender students to play on male oh or
6:46 am
females sports teams and they will see if the signatures are valid. meantime they have recommendations about classroom discipline. it is an effort to address disparities about how different races are treated. the recommendations are trained in conflict resolution and tis cruting many. and he is talkings about it along with several nba players to play an exhibition game as a birthday present for the north korean leader. during an interview, rodman lashed out when asked about an american who was arrested while leading a tour of north korea. >> do you understand what he did? >> yeah. >> do you understand what he did? >> you tell me what he did.
6:47 am
>> no, you tell me -- you tell me why he helped captors -- >> they have not released any charges... >> we were shocked and outraged, we could not believe our ears. he was in a position to do some good and help advocate for kenneth and he refused to do so. >> kenneth was convicted to whose sill still acts. let's check in with torii campbell to see what is coming up on mornings on 2. a record-setting verdict has been reached over led paint. we will tell you which local communities will split over $1 billion. also how congress will observe the shooting in arizona which killed 6 an injured 13 and in a
6:48 am
moving op piece, congresswoman gabrielle giffords reveals her new mission in life and also dramatic information about a truck flying and what caused the accident and how the driver managed to survive. those store cities and more coming up on -- those stories and more coming up on ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are starting on 280 northbound as you drive through san jose and it is not stop and go but certainly more crowded getting up to highway 17 for this hour certainly and 105 and 80 is beginning to fill in and we are starting to see it coming booklets look at the bay
6:49 am
bridge teleplay is. highway hour -- plaza, there is a crash apt the interchange and a car was on fire and one person did get out of the car safely but it is a good area to avoid. 6:48, let's go to steve. a lot of low clouds in place partly sunny skies, if you are watching on the treadmill or whatever, good morning, there has been a problem and he did register a .101. we do have low clouds to the north and we have low clouds to the north and some of it is very low up to 200,000 feet. and the streets did can be wet for a few and be careful so
6:50 am
that will cooperate it and we have enhanced a lot of that cloud deck and we have more who sun and the lows you and if you don't -- and if you don't have that what low cloud deck, it is okay and we have low 40s and 50s and partly sunny skies, hazy pattern not much of a breeze but it is a little bit more on shore and 50s and lower 60s so it is pretty close, 59, brentwood oakland, berkeley, everybody is close, milpitas, 50s along the coast. san francisco at 59 and we have a little bit of a break, one more system clips us early thursday and then another
6:51 am
system after that, summer temperatures, one that started and finally arrived in city tthink -- chicago. they sought shelter as avail yard and they -- a rail yard and they arrived yesterday on buses. >> i can't feel my butt because it is not there anymore. sitting for 26 hours is awful. >> that is the sound bite of the day. amtrak caps selled pause of all of that weather. well a former memory. and candle stick parkings the opportunity being given the fans who were not quite ready to say goodbye.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news checking in on the market, dow jones industrial average looks like down 90 and s&p 500 and nasdaq are down a little bit less
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percentage weiss. good news on the jobs better than expected, 38,000 new jobs were created in december and that's 23,000 more than they expected and the highest single increase in a year. that is evidence they gained momentum last year and they say all jobs will be released on friday. new concerns about al qaeda expanding around the world. a take over in fallujah show they are still strong and the death of osama bin laden did not stop the spread of al qaeda and they pulled back the american influence in the middle east which has given al qaeda more influence. robert gates and his brand- new book harshly criticized president barack obama. he concluded president barack obama does not believe in his
6:56 am
own strategy on the war in afghanistan. gates does praise president barack obama's decision to a tack and he called it one of the most outrage juice. and he talked about hillary rodham clinton. gates reap late a conversation wherer said former hillary rodham clinton said her troop surge in iraq was politically motivated. she opposed it being pushed by former president bush former president bush just before announcing she was running for the white house and in another area he praises hillary rodham clinton as being smart minded and funny. and in one san francisco neighborhood. they heard a proposal for a two year suspension in north beach.
6:57 am
pub pled flex and frost way, there are still several steps before the ban could be put in that. some fans are being given a chance to get an up close look apt the stadium for $20 less than the cost of the game ticket and fans can take a tour, go behind the scenes and even walk on the field just incase the 49ers don't come back to play another game. >> so just coming here to say goodbye to something that has been part of our lives forever since i can remember. and they have been part of
6:58 am
our leafs and they are looking to to get a photo with him during a public appearance. and with the panthers, you can see that big game right here and ktvu channel 2 morning news. a pre-game show, road trip to a championship, that airs at 8:30 a.m. and it will be followed by fox sports coverage and kickoff is at 10:00. and after with mark ibanez, it will be after the game. another pedestrian hit on the streets of san francisco and the response to a safety problem which is quickly becoming a crisis. each. >> also locker room crimes about gym and we know the player is exactly involved in this and stay tunedp we will tell you about it.
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another pedestrian hit and killed by a car in san francisco. the action city leaders are proposing to deal with this spike in deadly crashes. the polar vortex, still gripping parts of the nation this morning. how the frigid temperatures have killed almost two dozen people. today ma


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